Financial Planning

Maverick Financial partners with each client to learn about your individual story, your unique perspective, and your individual or business needs. 

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Personal Financial Planning

Our Personal Financial Planning process includes a holistic approach to each individual or family situation.  Our goal is to serve you. 

Your Financial Plan develops from active listening, clarifying questions, and understanding your current situation and desired outcomes.  Based on your related desires, we assist in gathering the correct information to determine your current financial level in relation to your desired outcome.  Your next step is an analysis stage in which we work together with you to correctly understand the related financial data.  Based on a thorough understanding of your unique financial baseline circumstance, we work to develop your appropriate recommendations to advance toward your needs and goals.

 As a point to consider, because we understand you might be concerned due to industry “bad actors”, appropriate recommendations are ALWAYS developed without prejudice toward fees, commissions, compensation, or perks that may be associated with the recommendations.  Your recommendations advance your interests, not specifically Maverick Financials’ interests.  While fees and commissions allow us to serve you and be compensated correctly, you can be certain of, and can verify any fees or fee structures.  We transparently show you and gladly explain any fees.  Additionally, any conflicts of interest, if any exist, will be disclosed as soon as pertinent to you. 

After recommendations are reviewed and revised as necessary, we implement the strategies developed with you in a timely manner, taking care to make certain that you are informed and understand each phase of implementation of your strategy.  As your strategies are implemented, a review of your strategies determines effectiveness and adjustments may be implemented after collaboration with you. 

As you might imagine, this process requires commitments from you and from us!  While some items are easy, some require decisions that reflect your values.  It is a journey that can be quite rewarding as it provides clarity and understanding which gives freedom in knowing you are proactive in your finances. 

The first step in achieving your proactive freedom is TAKING ACTION!  Schedule a convenient Zoom or scheduled phone call today with a Maverick Financial team member that promises respect for you and your financial desires. 

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Business Financial Planning

Business Financial Planning incorporates integrating your business and personal financial planning in a manner often neglected. 

Our Business Financial Planning Process provides value in all phases of Business Development.  Whether your business is in Start-up or Early Growth, Growth and Expansion, Maturity, or Exit phase, there are significant Business Financial Planning considerations that will separate you from your competitors. 

Your Business Financial Plan begins with a series of assessments that point toward risk removal or reduction, or improvement in assessment determined key areas with a desired outcome of Best in Class for your business.  Many businesses have a great propensity to provide value to stakeholders such as clients, employees, creditors, vendors, and more.  Often, in the drive for cashflow and keeping the Profit and Loss Statement strong, the Balance Sheet items are secondary.  While great cashflow is a definite business strength indicator, we work with you based on your assessments to focus on Value.  

After the assessments, there is clarification of assessment items, and a clear determination of direction is made with the Business owner or owners.  Based on the direction, and the assessment, a plan is developed and presented.  After review and potential revision, adoption of the plan moves to implementation.  Implementation is appropriate Key Performance Indicator based.  The goals are broken into quarterly tasks and assigned to accountable parties with a quarterly assessment meeting to measure progress.  Properly executed Business Financial Plans reduce risk and increase operational efficiencies.  Business value is increased if the plan and execution succeed.  Often Business owners and key executives recognize a significant portion of their personal net worth as shareholders of the business.  As the Business Financial Plan is executed, Personal Financial Planning for the Owner(s) is incorporated.

Maverick Financial additionally hosts Business Exchanges to facilitate the free flow of ideas and experiential wisdom from other Business Owners.  The Business Exchanges are virtual or in-person topical meetings monthly.  Topical items are scheduled in conjunction with relevant topics for each month.   Enrollment in a Business Financial Planning agreement includes access to the Business Exchanges.  Additional resources during this process include relevant subject matter expert education and introduction. 

Assessments are complimentary, as are initial consultations!  To learn more, let’s discuss how we can assist your Business!

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